I have known Steve Heinlen and Todd Follmer for over 20 years. They have done a major remodeling project for us; they have built a home for us and are currently overseeing a major redo of our deck, patio and pool area.Each and every job has been nothing but a pleasant experience. They are honest, trustworthy and dedicated to providing the buyer the exact outcome they are looking for. There was never a time during any of the projects that we didn’t feel that they did not have our best interest in mind. They are creative, they managed each and every site impeccably, their subs were reliable and they were very respectful of all of our neighbors.Needless to say we would recommend Heinlen- Follmer to anyone. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.
– Tom FleschPresident/CEO, Gordon Flesch Co, 614-789-5700

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Follmer on a major renovation of our home in 2008. I recommend him highly and without reservation.Throughout the course of the renovation, Mr. Follmer was a consummate professional. He listened to our needs and was able to provide advice for our project that truly added value. He was accurate in his estimate on the scale and cost of our project. He was absolutely clear in his scheduling, and provided us an excellent accounting of his cost.In addition, his sub contractors were of the highest quality. They showed up on time and were always neat with their work. My wife and I felt very comfortable leaving the house during the day without having to worry about having strangers in the home.think they are exactly the type of builder a community with the high standards of New Albany is looking for.
Thank you
– Michael J Platte 4238 Conklin Ct, New Albany, 933-0224

I am writing to recommend Todd Follmer as a potential builder for New Albany. Todd and his father-in-law Steve Heinlen have built two houses for the Abbot family and we have been VERY happy with the result.I know that that they have also built homes for many other high net worth individuals in the Central Ohio community with consistent rave reviews. Their quality is great and they do it for a value that is hard to beat. They have worked successfully on both a design and build basis or as a builder working for many of the top architects in Columbus.Having Todd and Steve approved to build in New Albnay would add a great option for owners looking to build high value homes in your city.Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Sincerely, – Larry Abbott