Since 1973 we have been helping people with their construction needs for custom homes as well as remodeling and renovation projects. We view ourselves as instruments of your imagination with the skill and experience to deliver a product that is unsurpassed in the level of quality, craftsmanship and value. Although our product speaks for itself, we believe that our process of building a house is possibly our most important asset. Communication is the key, and we pride ourselves in being good listeners.
Throughout our 30 plus years in business we have learned to work and live by the golden rule. Treating people as we would like to be treated not only applies to our customers, but also to our suppliers and sub-contractors. Uncompromising integrity, attention to detail, and hard work are the qualities we believe reward us with the trust of our clients.
We believe that our team of employees and sub-contractors are some of the finest construction professionals in central Ohio. We have worked with many people in the business throughout our careers and invested in the people that we believe share our uncompromising belief in putting the client first and delivering some of the finest craftsmanship in Central Ohio.